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Samsung x Times Square

Rosenkrantz Africa




A picture from Aarhus made its way to the most visited street in the world. Times Square, NYC.
In a collaboration with Samsung, the picture was a part of a showreel, being shown on their massive bilboard for the world to see.

My internship as a multimediadesigner took me to a place, I would’ve never imagine. Nairobi, Kenya. I spend almost 4 months there, being a part of the amazing jewelry firm, Rosenkrantz Africa

As a “landscape” photographer, I’ve always wanted to explore new branches of photography. Portraits have been something I always wanted to do, and I’ve done my best to get results, being second to none.

Traveling and experiencing have been my biggest priority in a long time. I always bring my camera to capture the moments and stunning views. Have a small insight of where my road has taken me

Besides photography, my love for being a creative has been a part of me since I started drawing as a youngin. I’ve had the honor to do digital visualisations for different projects and partners through time.