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3 Words Visual

We got assigned to pick 3 words, and visualize them, so they would make sense when
you read and look at them. I picked the words “Gentagelse”(Repeat), “Perspektiv” (Perspektive)
& “Bølget” (Wavy).

I wanted to challenge myself, and here’s what I came up with.

Bag Print

This project was a course, where we learned to print our own prints on the school facilities.
We had to come up with a print for the day, that we would print on some type of fabric.
After alot of thinking I came up with this idea, to put on a bag. It’s something I would purchase myself, and I found it funny to put on a bag.


Mental Health Poster

This poster, eas a part of the typografi course on Visual Communication Design at VIA University College. We had to make our own poster, with only typografi and no illustration. It was a challenge I’ve never tried before, and it took me some time to visualize my final product. The poster is to be made for “Psykiatri fonden”, which is a mental health foundation in Denmark.
In the poster, we had to use some text, that we got provided by our teacher.

In the end, I came up with what you can see on the right.
It’s kind of a ying & yang. The main message is, that it is okay to be okay.
But it can also be understood in another way. That sometimes it’s okay and sometimes it’s not okay. It can also be understood as “It’s not okay”. There’s more dimensions to it, and in the last end it’s up to the viewer to get a message. It’s very versatile. The poster got printed, and is put up on the school.