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Case: Clotc Cognition

We were provided 3 cases in this course, where I picked the one named Clutch Cognition. The drink “Clutch Cognition” is an international award-winning, healthy, and nutritious beverage that supports cognition and mental performance. Developed by scientists. Their target-group is pretty large, and it can be drinked by everyone. In this case, the target group was busy buisness-women. A redesign of the packaging with 3 different tastes was required.

My main focus was to use a restricted number of colors, to be as sustainable as possible. Hence why, I’ve used aluminium cans in 250cl & 330cl. The color-combinations are 2-3. I picked a white background to differ them from competition and to make them pop in the cooler-displays. The opening of the bottles are all-aluminuim and resealable, so they’ll be easy to have on the go. 

I did a rebrand of the company, to differ them from competition and clutch bags, resulting in a new name “clotc cognition”. On the bottles, information about prizes, how it’s made & how it contributes to FN’s world goals is displayed visually. Have a look!